All Photographs on this page was taken by
Judy of Purring Angels Ragdolls

Judy of Purring Angels Ragdolls
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find out about upcoming litters.
you can contact Judy at
or email me at

I am now taking deposits for available kittens
My Cats and Kittens are Angels
from Heaven Above,
with sand paper kisses and hearts full of love.

Beautiful Mothers of all my Angels.
You are the Mothers of all these Purr Angels and I just want to thank you all.
You have given me such beautiful Angels with whom I may share the joy they will bring to others.
You are all loving mothers.
You raise the love in your babies.
I love all my Mamma Angels.

To adopt a kitten
please contact Judy
or email

My handsome Chocolate Charmer
is the proud Daddy
of all my Baby Purr Angels.

I am pleased to anounce

Forever Magical
3 Purr Angels
Arrived Febuary 13th. 2024

1 boy and 2 girls.

The 2 girls are on the left and the
boy is on the right.