Adopted Angels
2011 to 2012
Baby angel 1
Judy Livingston
Dedicated to my
"Princess Rhea"
                                              Baby Angel 2

Testimonials From
Adopted Angels Families 2011 To 201


Hi Judy,
Just wanted to send you an update on our beautiful kitten, after the
loss of our last Ragdoll I never thought I could find such happiness
again.  This beautiful bundle of energy has been named Boa and I am
teaching him how to ride on my shoulders so he can live up to his name. 
He is doing very well and has adjusted to life with my other cat very
nicely.  He has had a visit to the vet already due to a bladder
infection which certainly made him feel unwell.  He is a very different
kitten since he is feeling better.  He is my first kitten I have had in
our home and I don't think life will ever be the same, he is so playful
and interested in everything that I do, as you can see by his love of
lying on the piano when I play (he also likes to try play).  I find
myself either wanting to take a picture of him or play with him, my
husband no longer asks what I did today because my reply usually
involves something cute that Boa did.  My family cannot believe how much
he has grown since we got him and the change in his appearance.  Thank
you again for this wonderful bundle of joy.

Forever grateful,
Donna Dul

Hi Judy,

 I just wanted to let you know that Link has settled in wonderfully.  As you can imagine he was a little sleepy and skittish the first evening he arrived home, but by the next morning, Friday, we had to be careful not to step on him as he was constantly at our feet wanting attention.  What a joy he is.   He used his litter box with no problem and after the first full day he has been eating well.  He is being fed the quantity listed on the Medi-Cal bag according to his weight.  I put him in a bowl and weighed him on our kitchen scale and he is over 5 pounds now. 

 I told Niki she made the best choice in Link as he is so smart, playful, loving, and very curious.  We have had many laughs at his antics.  If my husband and I didn’t travel so much I would be reserving a kitten from your next litter for myself.   In the meantime I get to be grandma to Link.  He is such a darling.

 I will definitely recommend Purring Angels to anyone looking for a kitten.

 Best regards,

Cyndi Powers

Hi Judy, Hi Wanda,


I would like to send you some updates on the boys.


The guys are really fabulous. They are now inseparable, and they are hanging around always together. If you see one of the boys alone; that means the other one must be currently in the litter box. They play “chasing”, do “cuddle fights”, and they lick each other every morning.


Both guys developed very good. They are now both 6,3 pounds. Jimbo has a tendency to get chubby though. This boy really doesn’t omit any food, and we have to start putting him under weight control. He gets neutered in two weeks. I hope it will not have any impact on his temper. This boy is simply cute with his look and his giant paws.


Harley is now a very self-confident and actually dominant cat. Everything new makes him, however, quite a bit nerves. Then he meows a few hours. Nail cutting seems to be an issue with him. He doesn’t like it. But he is a very intense cuddler. He can’t stand on his legs when he starts purring.  J


I will send you some photos in the following mails.




Hi Judy
Just a little update on our beautiful Dallas. You are right he is a little purring angel with full of life and energy. After our loss of our beautiful Patches of 19 years we did not think we could find happiness again. George and I were so lost not having a cat in your lives. Until that magically night looking on the Kiijjii and found your website. We viewed your nusery and found the little bundle of joy.
George and I enjoy Dallas every day. We wait to see what funny attics he would do next. His favorite game is to play fletch with George with his favorite toy. And loves to cuddle with me when he wants some quiet time. He is a smart, caring and most of all a loving little bundle of joy. He has to take an interest in everything we do from working on the computer to going for car rides (now that is it is warm outside). We took him for his first meet and greet visit to the vet and everyone loved him so much. He had is surgery done and he went through it with flying colours with no problems or complications but one the girls did not want him to go home. We cannot imagine our home without him it is like he was made for us from angels above.
Once again we would like thank you Judy, Chocolate Lover and Sugar Plum for raising a gorgeous, beautiful, intelligent little boy.
George & Heather