Adopted Angels
2009 To 2010

Testimonials From
Adopted Angels Families 2009 To 2010


Here is a picture of my(your) beautiful Honey   I am so thankful for my wonderful companion. She is awesome. You really knew that I needed Honey( and I feel that God knew what I needed ) - - instead of a different companion.  Thank you Judy. And thank you God.
 She is a very special addition to my household. She is so relaxed - so loving - so committed to me - - Even though I have
been away 3 times for the last 2 months. She has handled that really well. She is awesome!!!My neighbor has looked after her for 4 days at a time when I was away. Honey allowed my friend to pick her up and play with her.
Once summer is over I will be at home most of the time.(actually all of the time)
One thing I wonder about - she eats like a little "piglet"    Did she do that when you had her?
I'm wondering what to do - - and whether that is good for her.  But she sure loves her food.
I feel that I don't need to take her to a Vet.
all is really well - OK
Thank you for sending Honey to me.
God bless you and your family.
Love and prayers

Hi Judy!
Just a note to let you know that Lily has settled in beautifully and is having lots of fun in her new home.  She loves to explore her surroundings and still spends part of each day examining every nook and cranny.  She loves the toys you gave her (especially the balls that have bells in them) and bats them around for hours at a time trying to encourage the older cats to play with her.  She also loves to chase the older cats' tails and they are really good natured with her antics.  She was nervous of the dogs for the first few days because they are pretty large but now walks up to them without fear and twines around their legs when she greets them.
Nicholas is thoroughly enjoying this beautiful little girl.  They curl up together at night and she will gently pat him or lick him when she needs a little bit of attention.  While she is affectionate towards everyone in the house she is definitely his girl.  If he leaves the room we are in she gives a little squeak and is off to find him.
She is scheduled to see our vet on August llth just for a general checkup.  I will make sure to pass along all the information you gave us regarding her shots.  We will be scheduling her spay for sometime after August 22nd - I'll let you know when everything is done and send you the doctor's report.
Thank you Judy for letting us make Lily part of our family.  It must be hard for you to see all your little "children" leave the nest but we certainly appreciate your sacrifice. It was obvious that Lily came from a loving home and we will certainly do everything to see that she has a wonderful life with us.
I've enclosed a couple of photos of her - we haven't taken to many - we've been having too much fun playing with her!
Talk to you again,
Karen Deltombe

Just wanted to let you know that Holly has settled in just perfectly.  She and Lily were very glad to see each other and have been having lots of fun together.
Holly is a beautiful little kitten - so gentle and loving.  She sleeps cuddled up on our bed at night and I am enjoying every minute with her.
I would highly recommend that anyone who is looking to adopt a ragdoll kitten should contact Judy at Purring Angels.  These kittens have been lovingly raised - not only with excellent food and medical care but they have been raised in a caring environment with lots of attention and interaction with people.  Judy's "Kitten Nursery" is filled with all sorts of toys, climbing posts and soft places to sleep.  It has a beautiful view outside where the kittens can see the birds and trees.  These kittens really are Purring Angels and make a wonderful addition to any family.
Judy - I'd like to thank you again for allowing Holly and Lily into our lives!
Karen Deltombe

Attached is our baby pictures.
Thank you for your call today it was good to hear from you and have your views on our progress with Jasper. He was not hungry and we were worried about that....he is eating well now.
He is such a fun cat to be with, he is so handsome and loves to be petted. We love him.
He goes to the Vet next week, we want him to be a bit more comfortable with his home first and will send you a copy of the papers.
Again, thank you for the call.


Mom Judy
I thought I would send you a note.  I am so glad you found me a good home.  I have been spoiled in the last few days.  My new Mom has taught me a few things already.  I know how to find my litter box, food and water.  I didn't eat the first day I was here because I was a bit scared to come out of hiding.  But as soon as I did I was cuddled by my new Mom.  And you know what, I have a Grandpa and he thinks I am beautiful.  He plays with me while Mom is busy doing other things like cleaning and cooking.  My new family has a kitty tent , Mom said it was Mishas tent.  I love the tent.  There is a nice coat in there and I can just snuggle up in it.  When I get tired I like to sleep in my tent.  My Mom and I go to bed together, she fluffs up a nice downfill quilt and we sleep together in a big bed.  When Mom gets up, I get up with her.  She sleeps a long time at least 8 hours.  She gets up early in the morning to go to the bathroom and she takes me with her so I can go also.  This morning I found my litter box all by myself. My Mom also has a few dishes of food and water all over the house and I know where to find those also.  My Mom says I have to go to the Doctor for a checkup on Monday.
Thank you Mom Judy for finding me a nice home.  I will miss you and sometimes I still look for you but I am happy and well loved.
I'm so happy to say that our forever "purr-angel" has found his forever home!  He is such a little stinker!  He has found his niche in life!  What a little MONKEY!  He has been such a good boy, lots of fun, sleeps through the night., and oh my gosh does he ever make us laugh!  Sadie and Aussie  have this unspoken love affair~ so cute!  Aussie is very much the "King of the Castle"!  My son Adam met him today and I must say he  was smitten!  I would like to say that he has a very good appetite, so I'm being very aware of what he eats.  Also, he , in his curious way, loves the smell of the outdoors, when Sadie goes out, Aussie runs to the door!  We have to be so careful because he is faster than us.  Don't be worried, we're ahead of him, as he sleeps by my feet.  He follows me wherever I go, and if he can't  find me he meows for me!  What a little stinker!  I promise he will be here with us until  the end of time!  Thank you so much for such a wonderful gift, as he sits by my feet. 

Thank you so much for the best Christmas Present Ever.
Angel Eyes is so perfect.
As soon as I pick her up she goes limp and purrs.
She has the loudest purr ever.
She is loved by all my purr family. 

Love Wanda


Once again you  have given me the most perfect looking  cat ever.
Jewels is so big and beautiful. her eyes are so blue they just sparkle.
She loves to tease my puppy Zoe that you have also given me.
I swear Jewels thinks she is a dog.  She will fetch from time to time.
Love Wanda


Hi Judy,Just wanted to update you on our little fur baby Thomas.It took us a little while to figure out what name suited him but we decided on Thomas!Thomas is settling in nicely.He already rules the roost so to speak!He's spoiled rotten and so cute, and he knows it too.Like you warned me, he came out if his shell after the first day and is quite the little stinker!Very mischievious indeed!But he goes from, little stinker to cuddle bug VERYquickly and vice versa! He's had his nails trimmed (and was very patient with me!) and he enjoysbeing brushed with the slicker brush while he's cuddling up to me and hiscozy blanket in front of the tv.We have a feeling he's going to be a huge cat!He's already nearing 2 feet stretched out from nose to tail! And he's6 and a 1/2 lbs at just under 4 months!I'm not sure if that's normal for ragdolls but it's the biggest kitten I've ever seen! Thomas has an appointment with the vet in a few weeks for a general check Up and to schedule his neutering!We just wanted to thank you for raising our sweet little guy.We can tell that he was raised in a very loving home and was very well taken care of. I know how hard it must be to pass on your "babies" to other families, but Ihave to say, I really appreciate it.And know that he is now part of another great family who love him VERY much! He is the best Christmas gift I've ever received!Thanks again SO much and I'll continue updating you :)
Rachel, Paul and Thomas

Hi Judy,
 Just wanted to let you know that Sunny & Teddy are doing quite well. I absolutely adore them. They provide our household with hours of entertainment.They are both so soft and loveable and want nothing but to be loved back. Teddy demands that we stop what we are doing to hold and pet him. Sunny gets a little glint in his eye and starts to poke at us when he wants our attention. He loves to follow me from room to room and help me cook and clean. I love the fact that you handled and socialized them. That is what makes them such loveable animals and a great family animal.They settled in beautifully with my older Ragdoll and didn't have any problems getting along. I am so glad I took the two boys together. They definitely do love each other. I take the two of them for road trips to Grandma's house so she can play with them too. She is also a great fan of the two of them! Glad that they love being in the car.Will keep you up to date with new photos and updates periodically.

thought I would send you a picture of my gypsy  Just to show you what a beautiful young lady she is
thank you She has brought such joy and love into our life again thank you.